What I Needed to Hear


This morning I reached for my notebook and pen. Grabbed them and snuggled back into our fleece sheets. This is my normal. As soon as I wake up, I stay cozy and reflect, sometimes writing across the top of a page "What do I need to know?" Music in the background.

Today's answer: "The dips matter just as much as the soars."

I was in a dip last week. Questioning myself a lot. Thinking that I was just not getting it. I was in the middle of experiencing the opposite of what I had envisioned. But the gift is this: I fully realized not feeling good is not my normal anymore. Sometimes without the contrast, I just don't know. 

If you are experiencing what feels like a dip, I want to breathe life into its beauty and necessity.

I dare you to not to push past and rush through the uncomfortable-ness. Be with it. Invite someone you love into it with you so you are not alone. Take extra good care of yourself. Pick it up and turn it over in your hands observing what's happening and how you are perceiving the experience. 

Learning to embrace the full range of my emotions and use them as guides is not just empowering, it's priceless. I'm looking at you and know you can do this. Fumbling through the feelings is part of it. Your awareness is not lying to you, and I believe in your blossoming. 

What's your relationship around "dips" - do you consider them good, helpful? Or hard and unneccasry? 


Rachel CamfieldComment