What If We Got This One Thing Right Instead of Chasing Success First




In the past weeks, I've been coming to you "live" to help you awaken to the gifts and inner truths inside of you.

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I've shared how I'm making my life work for me instead of the other way around. I've sent you energy to affirm the treasures within you. I've gotten real about falling short from expectations and the beautiful silver linings that can come with moments like these. I've rolled out breathing space that you can add to your home and the technology you use every day (that can feel like your virtual home :) in my new watercolor shop. I've walked hand-in-hand with you through the 7 steps I've personally used to untangle and uplevel my life, and I've revealed my top 6 tried-and-true resources for starting your own lifestyle business or brand if you're feeling called to make shifts or implement change in your life and work. 

The reason I decided to dig into these topics, sharing so transparently in these blog posts, is that I get asked these questions every day from amazing people who are tired of watching and are wanting to do. When I say do I mean make a shift or positive pivot with the new seasons of their life. Feel better. Heck, look better. Feel like they are thriving instead of surviving. And ultimately, tap into their power so that no matter what intersection of circumstances they find themselves in, they are centered, grateful, and empowered to be living and breathing in a time such as this.

So now I'm going to get really real. (I know you love it when I say that. :) You may not want to hear what's coming from me next. It's not especially superwoman or superman action/checklist oriented (but you can totally still wear your cape.)

You're not going to be able to list off concrete items to someone asking what you're up to these days.

You probably want certainty right now more than anything so it would make sense to bust out your list pad, devour the resources and steps, download freebies galore, and declare to the world you're finally "going for it". But I want to invite a pause into this excited state.

Yes, you learn by doing. Yes, there is no such thing as a perfect time. Yes, you have to get started in order to get going. But I'm going to share what I lovingly advise to potential clients: We cannot start with tangible success in mind. Awakening and expanding in your life is not about a killer opt-in or the perfectly positioned course, offering, Instagram bio line (fill in the blank).

If you are feeling called to serve in a bigger way using your gifts, it is going to require true honesty and personal work on your part.

There are going to be many things that come up that will need healing. This will happen over and over again. Your "side of the street" is your responsibility, and sometimes, ya gotta clean it up. So instead of focusing on success first, what if we put alignment at the front of the line?

You see I often hear, and have believed at times myself, that once I reach success, I will have the time and resources to do my own healing.

I will be able to afford mornings away from my desk for meetings with myself on the yoga mat. I will want to attend more events and workshops because I will have something to talk about and will know "who I am". I will feel compelled to speak wisely and take on new opportunities because I am successful - professionally, personally, financially. 

Here's the thing about this way of thinking: It puts so much pressure on us to perform and it takes the focus waaaaay off of the target of why we're doing what we're doing with our whole hearts and souls. Stick with me as we dive into the value of redirecting our focus from the right-now how and instead shift our gaze over to your biggest clarity-motivator, your why.

Compassionately consider the question below: 

What if we got alignment right before chasing success?

What would that look like? What would it feel like in your body? I've been imperfectly working through this one for a while. It's a real doozy because it's just not as fast and shiny as being praised for productivity. But here's how it looks a feels, and trust me, it has its own saucy edge. 

It looks like a real, genuine smile. It feels like there's all the time in the world, even if something pops up that you need to pivot your day to tend to. It comes across as a generosity of the spirit, a kindness and willingness. It sounds like someone telling you you look really well and rested. It's a lightness of being. It's the outside matching the inside. 

I'm no expert, but I am starting to know the difference between taking an action that is for my alignment vs. one that is for my immediate gratification. It can be a little more understated, but I think it's totally groovy. It's kind of like choosing to eat a wholesome apple instead of reaching for the juice. It's believing that if I take care of the now, the later will naturally unfold at a high level.

Photo by Lauren Bodwell Photography at Amber Lilyestrom's Summit 

Photo by Lauren Bodwell Photography at Amber Lilyestrom's Summit 

Meg Haines and Rachel Camfield

I recently sat down with a dear soul sister, colleague, and friend, Meg Haines, for my first energy healing session. I was excited and open to see what I would uncover with her unique and elegant guidance. To say it was transforming would be an understatement, and the best part? It was solely for myself - not my business, not my brand (which both have magically greatly benefited...) Within the hour after our call, I just felt different. Lightness paired with insights and ideas. Deep understanding. And yes... much healing. 

If you are wanting to have support around coming into your own tender and spiritual alignment, I can't wait for you to connect with Meg. From her angel readings on Instagram, her one-to-one healing coaching sessions, to her special Facebook group, and more, she connects so many dots that serve heart, mind, spirit, and soul. 

Want more of me and Meg? We had an inspiring chat around all things growing in the good. You can check it out here

Over to you: What does alignment look and feel like to you in your life, brand, or business? What has happened when you've put your focus there instead of shooting out of the success cannon, so to speak? Do you think there is a happy medium? I'd love to chat about it in the comments below.