What is your soul calling out for?


I'm sitting here taking in the bright yellow daffodils arranged on the corner of my desk. Did the world just get brighter to you in the last week too? I love spring so much. There's something about literally seeing dirt pushed aside from shoots of rich, green, new growth. 

Every cell in my body holds space for all of the work that has been happening under the surface for us all. Including the bulbs. 

Each of us is moving through life. We're finding our own path and carving the way, often through dense foliage, vines, and branches that we must move to the side and choose to step beyond. What are you sitting with in this very moment? Where does your soul stand? I'll go first. I've been delaying some really juicy joy, telling myself I'm not quite "there" yet. I haven't been respecting my morning rituals and carving out my usual time. I've been waiting and delaying to get started on some really awesome things (including this invitation) out of chasing perfection.

So what's next? I'll tell you: Simply a reset. That's all. It's not a big deal; in fact, it's really good.

I believe in the reset and recalibration of consciousness, intention, and choice. 

When I get bumped out of my flow, (I define flow as a good feeling, being rooted and grounded to what matters, connecting with my life from my heart, feeling play and fun every day, waking up excited) I get to choose: stay untethered, usually in a little bit of blame and justification mode -or- take personal responsibility for how I want to feel, exist, and build my world around me. After years of going with the first choice, I've learned how to witness myself, reset, and happily move on. It's a true gift, and one, of many, I want to wrap with beautiful paper and a bow and share with you. 

At the end of last year, I tuned into my heart and felt a deep desire to celebrate and commemorate starting my business, following the tug of my heart, creating things from nothing, and honoring my body, life, and soul for one year. 

"What would that look like?", I thought. I decided spending four weeks with you in an intimate coaching experience would be a good start. No need to rush or push, letting us just be together and go through a month of life side-by-side while I share teachings and help you craft harmony into your daily experience while breathing inspiration into your brand or expression.

Watch my film below and then I'll share a few more details with you.

you're invited

How does that sound to you, my dear? This free, soul-expanding, four week event with me is an invitation to an inner journey with me as your guide.

Here is the link if you would like to sign up and join us. We will be connecting each week in your inbox and in a private Facebook group.


four weeks with rachel

 begins on Monday March 6th, so watch for an email from me then.


Thank you for being here. I treasure our time together here on the blog, and am feeling a new wave of expansion for us all.

With love, Rach