open meditation: being a student, always learning


A guided meditation for you.

This is my first contribution to my albums of Words: Meditations, Thoughts, Ideas, Whispers, Lists - sometimes carefully strung together, sometimes just spoken and posted. So tickled to share. Hope you enjoy. 

Today's? It's going in the Openness album: Finish lines, turtle-neck intros, out-growth, energetic tourniquets. 

What do you love about yourself? 

Really think about it.

Deeply know how wonderfully made you are. 

One of my favorite things is my voice; I've always loved speaking, sharing, playing with it's rhythm. I sometimes romanticize about the idea that our voices are one of our most unique and special instruments in this life - air pulling in, piano keys dancing on the chords, compressing out. Fast. Slow. Even. Hurried, Power-full-ed. Quiet. 

Grand, right?