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Creative Muse-ing, Coaching, Direction

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Lifestyle + Branding 

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Meghan Dickey

Richmond, Virginia



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Our work included

Transformational Coaching, Creative Direction, Logo + Brand Design, Styling

I loved working with Meghan! As a successful real estate agent in the fast-paced Richmond area, Meghan knew that she wanted to elevate her business and really stand out for who she is in her brand. With specializing in first-time home buyers and long-term client relationships, every detail mattered. 


Laurel Holland

Richmond, Virginia 

Life Coach, Spiritual Mentor, and Author

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Our work included

Brand Coaching, Creative Direction, Logo + Brand Design, Styling, Website Design

Laurel holds a very special place in my heart. As my own life coach and now colleague, I knew her heart intimately and couldn't wait to get my hands and visions woven into her branding and collateral. Her light truly shines from within. 



Deena Kretzer

Richmond, Virginia 

Entrepreneur and Social Marketing Leader 


Our work included

Transformational Coaching, Creative Direction, Logo + Brand Design, Styling, Website Design

Deena is a one-of-a-kind leader with a huge heart. Her vision came from a place of service and we poured our hearts into creating something inspiring and educational.


Jessi Culyer

richmond, virginia

Mamaprenuer and Healthy Living Advocate

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Jessi Carriage House-Jessi Carriage House-0090.jpg

Our work included

Transformational Coaching, Creative Direction, Styling, Brand Refresh

What a fun client! Jessi's life is as bright as it appears and my goal was to capture her vibrant way of being and give her materials to set her free for expontential growth.


Amber Lilyestrom

Lee, New Hampshire

Transformational Coach, Branding + Business Strategist, and host of the Soul Fueled CEO Podcast


Our work included

Creative Direction, Styling, Creative Support

Amber needs little introduction here! As one of my best friends, it's an honor to constantly support her creative evolution and her brand expression.



Rachel Camfield 

Richmond, Virginia 

Transformational Coach, Inspirational Writer + Speaker, Creative Visionary


well this is me

Shining from behind the camera, Owning my vision and expressing it, Creating a range of looks and feels to pull from

I love telling stories through images. It is one of my biggest passions to have a curated collection of lifestyle images to use for personal and professional use. I believe that love is in the details, and when you have uplifted lifestyle materials, you create the legacy that you deserve!