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“Rachel is a visionary, she sees things differently than the rest of the world! Her personality immediately sets you up for a pleasant and professional experience, and she digs deep to the core of where you are to bring you to your own insights with guidance that embodies everything that you are as a person. 

She was able to coach me through my life and business not only for the next couple of months but was able to support my future vision which I know will allow me to grow for years to come. I am so incredibly proud of our work together, and I would recommend working with her to anyone.”

— Meghan, Richmond, Virginia


“Rachel has a gentle way of supporting you on your path to making your own discoveries and a finesse that leaves you and your vision feeling even more spectacular than you thought possible.

She comes from a place of love in all she does. It is a true honor and a gift to call her my soul sister and friend.”

I lean on her as a soul adviser in my business and my life.

— Amber, Lee, New Hampshire


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“Working with Rachel has been one of the highlights of my year. She took the time to really "get to know me" and I grateful for that. She helped me see the BIG picture and what's truly important. I knew in my heart where I wanted to take my business. By working with Rachel, I was able to take that passion inside of me and translate it on paper, thus defining everything I needed help with.”

— Laura, Richmond, Virginia