Squarespace How-To Course

Squarespace How-To Course


This course includes...

  • An overview of Squarespace
  • How to start and jump right in with your new site
  • Descriptions of the main elements and building blocks 
  • How to navigate the different areas
  • My tried and true steps for beautiful website building
  • How to create a site that makes an impact

What's inside...

  • 3 thoughtfully laid out modules to support your learning and mastery of the Squarespace platform.
  • An insider's guide to my tried and true tips and tricks after years of building and learning.
  • Website Mapping + Building Process
  • Step-by-step video guides for how to add pages, set up and design pages, update fonts and colors, and so much more.
  • Getting Your Website Started Checklist
  • Over 30 minutes of video tutorials where I show you how to build and design step-by-step.
  • A breakdown of how to make an impact with your website.
  • Lifetime access.
  • Put it to the test with a 10 day money-back guarantee! 
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