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Squarespace How-To Course

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Jump In and Get Started!

Are you excited to share yourself with the world but feel overwhelmed with how to navigate Sqaurespace and all it has to offer?

Do you want to master this platform so that you can make your own updates and changes to your site?

After many requests and over two years of working with Squarespace websites for my own brands and a past history of designing and building Squarespace sites for clients (see www.deenakretzer.com, www.liveyourinnerpower.com, and more) I've created a simple and educational course for how to set your Sqaurespace site up...

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This course includes:

  • An overview of Squarespace
  • How to start and jump right in with your new site
  • Intuitive descriptions of the main elements and building blocks 
  • How to navigate the different areas
  • My tried and true steps for beautiful website building
  • How to create a site that makes an impact

You can master this!

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What You Get

• 3 thoughtfully laid out modules to support your learning and mastery of the Squarespace platform.
An insider's guide to my tried and true tips and tricks after years of building and learning.
• Website Mapping + Building Process
Step-by-step video guides for how to add pages, set up and design pages, update fonts and colors, and so much more.

Getting Your Website Started Checklist
• Over 30 minutes of video tutorials where I show you how to build and design step-by-step.
• A breakdown of how to make an impact with your website.


The Best Way to Do This Course

This is a self-study course

Let the material work for you and your schedule by taking each module, training, and to-do at your own pace. 


Rewatch and rework the teachings whenever you need a refresh

There's no expiration on this course and material. You have access for life! 


make the time to be thoughtful but don't get overwhelmed

Set aside intentional time to dedicate to your learning. Keep your notes in one specific place. Don't feel the need to conquer everything all at once!


This is perfect for you if...

You currently have a Squarespace site but hired someone else to build it and you want to know how to make changes on your own. 

You want to build your own site with the help of a skilled former designer and get insider tips & tricks.

You want to understand what goes into making a website that leaves an impact. 

You get confused and overwhelmed at the thought of building your own website but equally feel the same way at the thought of hiring someone to do it for you. 


Common questions

Does access to this course expire? Never! 

What if I need extra help? It's advised that you use this course as an insider guide but due to the nature of self-study, it does not come with access for specific questions. 

Is this really how you've built your websites? Yep! I am a huge Squarespace fan and believer. 


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