What are you looking for?

where do you find yourself on the path

I've come to embrace that life is all about seasons. When we surrender into that, our whole world opens up.

You are in the right place if...


You are in a time of quiet growth with a lot happening on the inside - a space of deep work and processing. 

You sense you're being called forth into your next transformation.


It's harvest time, and you're ready to shout and share yourself from the rooftops! You know what you need and where you're going, but intuitive support and guidance would be heavenly.

You're rocking an established brand and are ready to take it to the next level or push the big refresh button.


You have no clue where to start but just feel drawn towards my work and words. Something is ringing all the bells, and you want to explore further and connect. You're interested in learning about more ways we can collaborate or work together.

You're loving my vibe! (I always say honor the tug in your heart.)

The best news is that you are in the right place because I believe in divine timing and... here you are.

The magic is...

To trust the timing of your life.


the ways we can work together here

What exactly do I do?

I wake up every day and feel honored

Some days, you can find me coaching from behind my computer with clients as close as Carytown, or out to the edges of California, or down in peachy Atlanta! Other days, you'll find me with apron on and styling bag in hand, on-set of a photo or video shoot doing live coaching and creative direction all rolled into one (I like to call it creative birth). You may also see me on stages or connecting with and leading small groups, locally and nationally, around topics of personal development, self-love, transformation, empowering mindsets, and so much more.

Every day is a little different, just like each of my clients and projects. 


I offer...

one-to-one coaching

group coaching

Educational & Inspirational courses

creative direction 

branding (if it's a fabulous fit)

public speaking

brand representation

team training


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