{ a love note to you. }

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Say Hello To Your Life

You, my darling, are exquisite.

Do You Feel The Beating Of Your Brilliance?

it's shining from behind your eyes.

it's twinkling in your smile.

it's swirling from your fingertips.

Your passions have been with you from the beginning,

And deep down. You know why you are here.

you know what feels like a light leap over a puddle.

and you know what it feels like to twist yourself into a yes.

What Would It Look Like If You Leaned Into Your Gifts And Desires Away From The Hard Edges Of Life?

 you may think -or even believe- that this is not possible

not this month. not this year. not right now.


but what if it is.

what if you are ready right now.

Is Your Heart Starting To Flutter A Little Bit? Do You Feel That ... space?

let's listen. what is it saying... what is your heart asking for right this moment?

How Do We Let The Beautiful Stuff Out?

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This is where our work together can come in.

If a yes is rising in your being, let's say hello.


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